Terms & Conditions

1. Registration

Registering with Netbaniya is an extremely simple process. Registration is for first time shoppers. You will have to create an account with us to execute your purchases. Your Username and Password will be the key to your account and on every visit you only have to put your Username & Password to access your account. Please ensure details you enter are true else your Registration gets auto-deleted. On completion of Registration and Verification of your Credentials, you gain access to the site. Should the Ordering Page not be available it means your area is currently not being served. Once we cross the threshold you will be informed. We appreciate you invite friends from your contact list to Register here. This will hasten the service.

2. Procedure

Select the desired items from our Shopping segment under the Product List.Enter the quantity desired if you are satisfied with the quality and price, click on "add to cart". Adding to cart doesn't mean that you are billed at this stage.First time shoppers who have not Registered will have to register before shopping.

3. My List

First time Shoppers are adviced to create their preferences of items under regular order by adding these items also to My List. On the next visit they only need to click on their own My List and enter quantities and submit. This helps save considerable time.

4. Payment Options

Payment should be made against delivery of goods. Confirmation of the order means you are actually confirming for this term. No credit will be given for any items under any circumstances. On receipt of every order our staff will call you on given telephone nos. for confirmation of order, and delivery time.

5. Availability

While we have made attempt to include all products you may need at some point of time,some of these may be seasonal,others may be at your time of order out-of-stock. For administrative reasons it is difficult to keep indicating availability in real time of any product.If these are not being supplied to you then their respective amounts shall be deducted from your Bill.

6. Delivery

Your order when received will be verified and time of delivery confirmed before execution.Our delivery service is available only when your account is activated.Remember-Netbaniya is only another way to order your goods.

7. Guarantee Policy

Netbaniya Shopping guarantees replacement of products that are damaged at no extra cost, provided we are notified of the damages at the time of receipt of goods and not later. All goods sold through Netbaniya are covered under manufacturers guarantee as per their terms of guarantee.

8. Privacy Policy

We are sensitive to your individual information. However to serve you we will be requiring your personal information like Name, Address, Tel. No., Email for the purpose of delivery of ordered goods.In any case your personal or individual information will not be divulged to anyone for any purpose.For attracting advertising, we will be using only collective data and collective patterns in generalized format.

9a. Customer Support

At Netbaniya, our customer service executives are available on line from 9 AM to 7 PM Indian Standard Time for assisting you for any of your difficulties during shopping. You can also get in touch with us on our e-mail :netbaniya

9b. Overseas Support

We are open to providing this service in your Country, with you as Franchisee. Write to us for details.

The above Terms And Conditions are subject to change without any notification to anybody. You are advised to monitor the changes in Terms And Conditions by going through the same frequently. Anybody who confirms the order are deemed to have accepted the Terms And Conditions and no complaints deviating from our Terms And Conditions will be entertained. We will not be responsible for any losses that may happen to you on account of non-delivery of the ordered goods. We will also not be responsible for any consequential damages that may happen to you because of the delivered goods or undelivered goods. In case if you find these Terms and Conditions unacceptable the only resource left to you is to avoid shopping at our site. All disputes are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.


The User's correspondence with or participation in promotions of Advertisers found on the Service, including payment and delivery of related goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between the User and such Advertisers. The User agrees not to hold netbaniya.com liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings or as a result of the presence of such Advertisers on the Service.

11. Advertisers

You can choose to place a rotating Banner at the Site, charged at Pay Per Click. 1USD$ gets you 50 clicks to your mentioned Site. You can also place a Static Text at the Home page of netbaniya under Advertisements. at 100USD per year / 130 for 2yrs / 150 for 3yrs. With 1000+ hits daily at the site you definitely gain.

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